Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cobra Lounge

I saw the Luchagores play here with a local band, Ready the Destroyer. Like someone else mentioned, the sound here isn't fantastic. But really, its on par with most of the mid-range venues around Chicago. Plus, it has a nice set up where, if you are in the front, you can be hella close to the band. I like that intimate feel. Of course...the rooms was only half filled when I was there so that probably helped.

Probably the best thing about Cobra Lounge though is the woman's bathroom. I loved it! So adorable! It is painted bright pink and has stark white fixtures. Its very story book or fairy tale or princessy. In contract to the somewhat seedy room, it was such a fun surprise.

Decent specials. Decent place. Crap location (unless you happen to live near there. In which, it is still sort of a crap location, but at least it is convenient).

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