Friday, April 17, 2009

im not perfect

So . . . this no tv watching is kind of difficult.

I made an honest effort last night. I swear! I prepared and ate dinner, wrote my zadie a letter, (which I've been meaning to do forever), caught up with Nish, and thought about wedding shtuff. But then, it was 9:30. and I was bored. and I didnt want to clean. or read. or be online. or xyz. so i succumbed to millionaire matchmaker. damn i am fucking helpless when it comes to Patti aka my soul mate aka my hero.

today has been better. I didn't even miss the tv when I got home for work.

Tonight Neill and I are going to grill and then work on our wedding website so that should keep us busy. but we might watch the new episode of House. mmm sexy gimp. . . .

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