Friday, April 3, 2009

catch up

So we never ended up getting indian food. Nic, the drummer of RTD and the whole reason we made the plans to go up for Indian buffet, got sick and had to stay home and drink chicken noodle soup and sneeze and all the things you do when you're sick. Instead, Neill and I made a super yummy dinner of teriyaki salmon, sticky white rice, and chicken pot-stickers. We love CostCo!

Which actually reminds me, I think we are addicted. We came home from grocery shopping on Tuesday night and literally had to stuff our fridge because we have so much freakin food. You couldn't fit one more thing in our freezer either! Hence, we have come up with a challenge. And by me, I mean me. no more grocery shopping for two weeks (April 13th would be the end date). So far so good. On Wednesday we had the salmon and last night we had sun dried tomato ravioli and salad fresh tomatoes and mozz. yum. Neill is out of town tonight so i don't know if I'm going to actually cook anything new...probably do a repeat of last night. Not that anyone cares about all the delicious food I eat, but I will keep yall updated on how we fare these next two weeks.

On other news, I've had the shopping bug! On Saturday night I went shopping with Grace and Cathy out in Northbrook or something. Fun! Then on Tuesday I went shopping with my mom around here. AND now today I went to the GAP after work. This last one really wasn't my fault though. I had to go to subway to buy lunch, and everyone knows I can't pass a GAP without going in and it just so happened there is a GAP right near subway. AND they were having a great sale 4 sale items and get 30% off the whole shabang. Beautiful! So i stopped in on my lunch hour...grabbed some goodies to put them on hold...and then went back after work to try on and buy.

As a penance for my shopping, i cleaned out my closet tonight. I went through all my clothes and purged the ones I no longer wear. So, I've got a big bag full of clothes to bring to The Ark to donate. I gotta keep the balance :) it is just time to eat, watch, shower, and sleep. Work tomorrow. blah. I'm actually seriously considering quitting my job so that I can go work at Circle Pines this summer. Also, so I can have time to do the million other things I want to do this summer: trip to Puerto Rico with Neill, Grace, Alex, and Cathy, trip to West Virginia to visit Neill's family, trip to West Palm Beach to visit my grandfather, and . . . I could have sworn there was another one. Hmm. I'm hoping my big huge hunk of tax return will pay for puerto rico.

don't even get my started on my taxes. the only good thing good thing about the whole business is h and r block is telling me I should be getting a big check back. thank god. guilt free vacation = best week ever.

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  1. yeah, quit your job!! but that would mean less shopping prolly ... hrm ...


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