Thursday, April 16, 2009

hey you!

so unfortunately cupcakes were a disaster. I guess the recipe was for real serious when it said to fill the tin only about 3/4ths full. Note to self: cup cakes rise. duh. the cupcakes rose and rose and rose until the whole pan was covered with batter (and then baked on cake). not very pretty at all. still tastes okay, but i wanted to bake with the nutella and then give it away. it was the giving away that was important. who wants fucked up looking cup cakes? no one. blah.

in the same vein of not eating nutella...i have got to get back on my diet and work out routine. i gained 5 pounds this past month. i've got to stop that right now. no more cheese (something i've been eating waaaay too much of lately) and I've got to seriously cool it on the sweets. even though it is really neill's fault because he is a bad influence and always wants us to order pizza, i've got to stay strong on this :)

In other news, I'm starting a no mindless tv watching week. the amount of tv just slowly creeped up on me. first, i was just turning it on to watch paula dean and rachel ray after work to unwind. Then it was while I was cooking dinner (or while I was watching neill cook dinner). Now, on my days off, I easily watch a few hours a day.


So . . .thats it. I'm putting a one week ban of mindless tv watching. I say mindless because I will still watch tv at the gym (seriously, a good episode of law and order is the best thing for me to watch while working out) and I'll still watch shows (with no commercials!) with Neill. These seem less mindless...more purposeful. Not just turning on the tube out of habit, living with the tv on as back ground noise, or getting sucked in to some pointless show out of boredome. Because, honestly im usually not planning on whatever junk I end up watching on tv. It just happens to be there.

so there you have it kids. no tv. healthier eating. more working out. better following of directions. and . . .

I put in my notice at work today! my official last day of work will be in the beginning of may. booyakasha.


  1. wooooooooo no work! i'm so jealous!!

  2. mmm, the cupcakes were delish. no more ordering pizza ... for a whole week?! :-O

    heh, that's ok i guess, we'll manage somehow ;-)


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