Tuesday, December 16, 2008




What is it about shopping for other people that suddenly makes it okay to "lot loose" and buy things for yourself that you would usually never splurge on?

I bought this super sweet heather colored cardigan at Old Navy today. I <3 the color, but it was 30 bucks! The rational side of me knows that it will probably go on sale for at least 50% off in like a month (or less!), but the cray cray side of me wanted it NOW. And so I have it NOW. I'm going to wear it this weekend :)

Now, I know what you are thinking (scratch that. I hope that you are thinking) that some cardigan from Old Navy isn't exactly a crazy splurge. And you know what? That is exactly what I told myself to justify that purchase. And so I agree with you. Thanks for being on my side :)

Oh. And I don't even need to work on justifying the full price chocolate color cords I got. I NEEDED them so I could stop almost getting in trouble at work for wearing jeans on the weekends. That is a work related expense. I'm pretty sure its even tax deductible. So really I'm saving money on that one. Mmmhmm.

On the total upside:
+We got awesome presents for other people
+I got to spend all day with Brian!!!!!
+I got my shopping fix for probably the next 6 months
+Endless salad at Olive Garden (and breadsticks yum)

On the total downside:
-Spending 2 hours driving through a snow storm to get home

And on the totally unrelated side:
-A couple that lives on our floor left a card outside of our door wishing as a MERRY CHRISTMAS. As the resident Mrs. Scrooge, I must say one thing about this. I am so tired of people assuming everybody is christian. That is all.


  1. you speak the truth. all i want to do when i am out spending my hard earned cash on others is buy things for me. which is why i bought myself a pair of cowboy boots.

  2. i also bought a ton of things for myself *sigh*

    but on the upside, almost all of my holiday shopping is done ... and that's a good thing :-)

    and it was great seeing brian again!

  3. i don't know what it is about buying things that makes me so happy? or trying to find exactly the christmas gift that i am looking for.

    yesterday was super fun!


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