Friday, December 12, 2008

Out of Habit

Man it is fucking cold outside today like nobody's business.

Yesterday, was NRS' volunteer and community holiday party. We had it at Wishbone and lots of volunteers and their friends (or what we like to call them - friends of NRS) were there. To be honest, I wasn't really looking forward to going. (I'm sure all of you are just soooo surprised that I was hesitant to go to a party. haha). But, I'm so glad I put on my big girl panties and sucked it up. I HAD A BLAST! All of my favorite people were there and I could actually talk to them thanks to the vodka and sodas I sucked down to lubricate social graces. And my my my how gracious I became! But, seriously, it was just a really positive time. I feel much more appreciative of the awesome people I have met through NRS. I work with some cool ass peeps. And, I've gotten the chance to meet some badass people who volunteer at NRS. So really, last night was just one big love fest all around.

Check this out - you can totally tell that I am highly skilled in the sorority girl picture pose. BAM.

Of course, as fate would have it, tonight I'm sitting all by myself. I'm vegging on the couch and I am currently wrapped in an electric blanket. It sure is toasty . . . but I can't help being a bit worried that I'm going to get electrocuted or die of a nose bleed. Hmmm I wonder if it is even possible to die of a nose bleed? We also have no food in the house, so that is sad. I had to eat cereal for dinner. Poo. At least it is that delicious peanut butter flavored cereal - Puffins. That shit is the BOMB.

I'm supposed to be holiday shopping, but of course thats not going anywhere. It has been on my to do list for like a month and I haven't bought one thing for one person yet. Although, I did go through my house to collect all the junk I don't want anymore and I have plans to regift it to people. ALL OF YOU ARE GETTING USED LOTIONS AND CANDLES. please deal with this. I've really got to get stuff for the families . . .my mom and dad are easy (a massage and a sweater or two), but neill's parents are always a bit trickier. Especially his dad. Wouldn't it be funny if I gave someone some spit? hahahahahaha man that thought just cracks me up.

Speaking of crack. I'm on it. This electricty is frying my brain!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm turning into scrambeled eggs. Fuck.

I should go.
Good bye.

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  1. cutie pie, don't die!!! the electric present is supposed to be awesome and fun and warm in the winter. no dying or nosebleeds allowed! ;-)

    i had a blast at the nrs party too, btw!


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