Thursday, December 4, 2008


+ mmm almost time to start dinner (roasted carrots with dill & roasted spicy cashews over salad).
+the princess bride is on!
+delicious ethiopian food last night for Fro's birthday. And cheap! There were like 12 of us and we all stuffed ourselves for about 12 bucks a person. OMG so freaking good.
+top chef = best t.v ever

-COLD COLD COLD COLD COLD. i almost died on my 5 block walk from the bus to home today. like seriously. i almost just gave up and laid down on the side walk to wait for death. it was awful awful awful. BRRRRRRR

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  1. oh no, cutie pie -- don't die on the sidewalk :-O

    call me and i'll come pick you up!! :-D

    dinner was delicious, good choice -- executed perfectly. mmm, i definitely want to make that one again sometime, it hit the spot.


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