Thursday, February 11, 2010

results are in!

finally, the poll is over! thank you to the 26 of you that were kind enough to vote. I wish I could tell you how many people total visited the blog within this week so I could report some sort of response rate. Looking at my googly analytics, I know it was more than 26 but it is hard to know exactly! Each time I posted it on facebook about 30 people clicked over to the blog on top of the general 10 to 15 that I have everyday. What it doesn't tell me though is if those people were new visitors or maybe people who have already voted.

Anyways, i was going to be all psychology nerd and do a chi square to analyze the results but it is 8:30 in the morning and I just am not feeling that right now. So here are the results:

Urbanity - 50% of the votes (13)
Swirls - 26% of the votes (7)
Find something else - 23% of the votes (6).

Without doing the statistics, i'll say that significantly more people voted for the urbanity invitations than swirls or other. Of those that didn't favor urbanity, about half liked Neill's swirly invitation and half thought we should find something else.

thank you again to everyone that voted! It was really fun to do a poll so I plan on doing more of them in the future.


  1. i think you should post a poll to see if your readers would prefer more polls in the future :-)


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