Saturday, August 8, 2009

Luxe Events

I'm super excited to be the first person to review Luxe Events!

I heard of Luxe Events from snippetandink aka the wedding planning blog bible. I figured that if they were being featured on my favorite wedding blog, they would probably be pretty awesome. I'm happy to say, I was right!

I had my first meeting with Katherine and Morgan (the two brains behind the operation) a few days ago at Alliance Bakery. Bonus points for picking a meeting spot that was not Starbucks! Both of them are super friendly and warm so it was easy to be myself around them. We were meeting to talk about their DOC service, so they asked tons of questions about my plans and had lots of thoughtful suggestions.

Awesome tidbits:
+Both of them will be helping out on the big day. That way, one can be at the venue and one can be helping out where people are getting ready. Awesome!

+Guaranteed quick phone and e-mail replies. Its in the contract!  

+And perhaps the best one, THEY HELP GET YOUR RSVPS! As in, they will actually call people who have not responded! Talk about above and beyond :)

Katherine and Morgan really stand out as a capable, organized, and easy to work with team!

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