Tuesday, August 18, 2009


so. Neill's younger brother Jayson and his gf are having a baby. Which means they will be a mommy and daddy. But since this blog is about me, what it really means is I'm going to be aunt!

I'm already excited to:
+meet this litte girl (or boy) as I feel related to them...even though i won't be a blood relative and neill and i aren't technically married yet, im an aunt gosh darn it.

+baby sit with a wee little baby and practice baby magic for when neill and i have our own

+Some years down the line, I get to take him/her shopping and to the movies and what not and never really have to yell at them or discipline them or whatever. Wooohoo! FUN aunt alisha!

More on this later. I'm off to be second day of orientation!

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