Wednesday, February 18, 2009

are you a dreamer?

I took advantage of our lovely drive to St. Louis to talk with Neill about The Wedding. I was anxious to know what was important to him, what he envisioned, what he wanted. Yes, believe it or not, I like to take into account other people's opinions :) It seems like we are mainly on the same page in terms of size. We want something small with our immediate/close family and immediate/close friends. We both like the idea of getting married on some sort of estate, having a little cocktail hour, and then dinner and dancing. I want a DJ, but I think Neill would be open to using an ipod for music. I want a sit down dinner with table service and Neill doesn't want to give our guests any food. heh heh. Thankfully, Neill is mostly okay with having a jewish-ey wedding because I sure has hell would not have gone for a Catholic one. My only concern is that we won't be able to find a rabbi who will perform the service. Apparently, it is harder than I thought it would be to find a rabbi who performs interfaith ceremonies. racists. Because Neill is a Northwestern Alum, we have the option of using campus chapel (Alice Millar Chapel) for free. We went to a wedding there about two years ago and it is a very pretty building and has a ton of beautiful blue stained glass. Also, the NU campus around there is gorgeous. The only problem I see is that I remember seeing some crosses around there. It is technically a nondenominational chapel, but I don't necessarily want to get married with a ceramic (plastic?) jesus staring down at me. Anyhoo, just some musings! Time to go to work!


  1. Hi, mazel tov on your engagement. Your blog showed up on my Google Alerts because you mentioned Interfaith Wedding. Since I edit the website, I'm always looking for new writers who happen to be blogging about this stuff. So, two things: 1. We do help match interfaith couples with rabbis who will marry them. Go to and click on the blue button on the right side of the page that says "Request a rabbi for your wedding" and we'll do our best to find you someone. We have a good track record. 2. If you like the looks of our site when you get there, and you think you might like to write for us, drop me a line:

  2. Thanks for the unexpected help! The site looks looks great. I'll have to fully explore it when it gets closer to planning time :)


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