Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Presents Day!

pay day = presents day.

(well it also means paying bills and rent and credit cards and all the other owed money, but I prefer to focus on the positive).

Presents I bought myself today are as follows:

1. The Introvert & Extrovert In Love. I realize that I should probably be embarrassed that I found this in the self-help section, but I could NOT resist this book. I have high hopes and plan to read it with a highlighter or some other sort of marking materials. I have also already notified neill that I will be reading him all relevant passages. (In case you were wondering, he is the outie and I'm the innie).

2. The Modern Girl's Guide to Life. This is another guilty pleasure sort of book, but this has information on EVERYTHING. And 25 dollars isn't really that much money for an encyclopedia . . .. right? Plus, it does have a bibliography . . .so it really is semi reliable . . . .right? :) Whatever. I refuse to justify this -- it is enough that I wanted it.

3. New fancy shower curtain from Restoration Hardware.

4. dress to wear for our upcoming anniversary.

5. random tops (including, but not limited to: super soft t-shirts, white linen shirt, red flowered cami, & deep blue shirt). Obviously, there is no justification needed for these because they were all essential items.

Whew. Its like christmas :) My new lust items are:

New bedding set from Restoration Hardware in a yellow hue.

Yessss. Time for gym, dinner, than more of murdoch's splm. wooo

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  1. yay, shopping therapy!! :-D

    The bedding set looks really nice, btw ... I don't know about the butter color though :-P



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