Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Miller Time: Bridal Party Photos

Hmm. Okay. Where were we? Ah yes. I ran errands, we rehearsed, we ate pizza, the girls got beautiful, the boys looked sharp, somehow I managed to actually get into my dress, and then we had our first look!

So now it was time for us all to load into a limo and take pictures! Group photos were on the schedule from 2 to 4 in the afternoon and the plan was to try and hit up two locations. If the weather was pleasant, we planned to go to Promontory Point and the Canal Street Bridge. If you remember, way back when we checked out Promontory Point (click to see my blog post about it) as a possible wedding venue. The area is so beautiful and we really fell in love with the spot. SO we were very excited to still be able to take advantage of how beautiful it is!  If the weather was rainy or just excruciatingly hot, the plan was to go to Union Station and the rooftop bar at theWitt hotel.

Deciding on these photo locations was probably the single most stressful decision I had to make in the weeks leading up to the wedding. I couldn't just make a decision and be done with it. No. I had to labor over each and every option. Weigh the pros and cons. Stress out. Looking back, I really wish I hadn't wasted all those hours freaking myself out. On the day of, I was so excited to be with Neill that nothing else really seemed to matter. I just sort of stopped caring about the pictures I had put so much planning into. I guess that's how it should be, though. That's why we hire photographers. Who wants to stress out over photos on their wedding day? Not me.

Anyways, the last thing I'll say before I just show you the goodies is that THE WEATHER WAS PERFECT. THE RAINY, 95 DEGREE , 80% HUMIDITY WEATHER THAT WAS PREDICTED FOR WEEKS NEVER SHOWED UP.  I truly count this as my  WEDDING DAY MIRACLE. It was our personal wedding gift from the weather gods. I really just can't say enough what a blessing it was. Stepping outside and feeling the fresh, cool air - I felt SO lucky. Disaster diverted.

Anyways. I know if any of you out there hate the hot humid weather as much as me, you understand the utter wave of relief I felt. Those of you sickos who actually like being a sweaty mess just won't get it.

See the pictures after the jump!

 In the limo, on the way to Promontory Point

The balloons fit into the limo. Hooray!


did I mention that in the week leading up to the wedding I decided I wanted to use cranes as a prop? no? well i did. neill and i made them together. I like the pop of color they add!

The balloons!

This is one of my favorite pictures of neill and me

In the limo, riding to our next location

Time must have gotten away from us while we were at Promontory Point because before we knew it the clock was almost at 4! That means, I had a tough decision - go back to the hotel so we had plenty of time for family photos OR head over to the bridge for more bridal party shots and be late for the family photos. I'll tell you what I chose in my next post. But, I'm curious - what would you have done?

[all photos by alix klingenberg]


  1. awww LOOOVEEEE them!!

  2. you look so beautiful!

    i probably could tell you that all day though.

  3. Your photos are AMAZING. The balloons in that tunnel? I die. I just, die.


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