Sunday, July 13, 2008


Lately, I've been telling lots of people that they should start blogs. When my friend Dorothy moved to Athens, GA for a grand old adventure I encouraged her to start a blog so that I could read about her exploits in plant research. When another acquaintance moved to Brooklyn for the summer with a few of her college friends with out a job I told her, "BLOG IT!" There is just something so juicy and entertaining about reading about other peoples mis/adventures and nonadventures. Because neither of them have started blogs and (dissapointingly) most people I know don't blog (except neill), I seem to be destined to read blogs written by people I only peripherally know. This behavior sometimes borders on creepy in the lurker/stalker sense, but its actually kind of fun so don't hate. Anyhoo, back to the point--I've never had my own real live blog. Maybe because of blog insecurity? There is a a little skinny evil woman in my head whispering things like: I wouldn't have anything interesting to say . . . No one would read it . . . It would be dumb/stupid/ignorant/boring/trite/etc. (As a side note-I hate this skinny woman in my head. She is very hungry and this makes her very mean). Anyways, I've (somewhat) silenced her and so I have decided to start a blog.

So there.

Eat a Big Mac.

With some golden delicious fries.

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